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Launch of, a New Service for Mobile App Insight, Care, and Services

COLOGNE - March 22, 2017 - credeo GmbH announced the launch of, a service that focuses on high-end insights, professional care, and high quality services for mobile applications.

appGarten supports app owners in running a successful app business. "Your iOS App is in the Apple App Store? Congratulations! You have reached the first stage of a marathon." said Hartmut Wilms, CTO of credeo. "Your users will start to use your App and will ask questions, send feedback, start complaining, report bugs and problems, raise requests for improvements and new features ... they need constant attention." Many companies and developers underestimate the efforts and ongoing tasks that are neccessary to keep an App in the Apple App Store and react to their users issues and wishes and can't focus on new developments and product lines.

Customers can subscribe to different plans offered by appGarten, ranging from appInsight and appCare up to a full-fledged appServices package. appInsight is offered as one time payment and appCare on a monthly subscription. "We want to lower the hurdle of using our services as much as possible by offering high quality at low prices and an out of the box lightweight experience", said Kristijan Cvetkovic, founder and CEO of credeo.

About is the solution for problems that Apps face in the Apple App Store.

  • does appInsight. appInsight compares your App to your main competitors and checks for technical risks, security vulnerabilities and gives a completely new view on your App based on customers' feedback and what your competitors do.
  • does appCare. appCare takes over the code, enhances it with crash monitoring, fixes bugs, releases it to the App Store and keeps your App up-to-date with the latest iOS releases. It reveals what your customers complain about and request for future releases.
  • does appServices. appServices does customer support, implements new features and improvements, enables your App for new devices, optimizes the visibility in the App store and much more. is a service provided by credeo GmbH. credeo GmbH is based in Cologne, Germany and was founded 2008. credeo focuses on mobile Development and helps fortune 500 companies implementing their mobile strategy.

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